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Reviews for Assassins - the first musical of Festival 2023 - are in. Take a look at what the critics are saying about the show in our review round up...
Assassins plays in the Festival Theatre until 24 June; what are you waiting for?!

5 Stars

Dark, dazzling and dangerously current. Chichester has a hit on its hands!


5 Stars

Go: I guarantee it will blow you away.

The Stage

4 Stars

As impressive an ensemble as one could hope to hear

Broadway World

4 Stars

A uniformly excellent cast. This production has something pointed to say about the current overlap between politics, news, fame and entertainment. And it works. A brilliantly provocative piece


A figure dressed as a bear stands on the thrust stage on a red carpet, facing the back of the stage. On the stage there are 8 figures, 6 men and 2 women, facing out front holding boxes displaying surnames: the names Moore, Booth, Guiteau, Byck, Hinckley, Zangara, Czolgosz are visible. Behind them in cut out sections in the stage members of the band are visible, wearing red baseball caps. Centre back of the stage is a man in a dark suit looking out front. Behind him is a huge American flag recahing from the ceiling down to the floor. At the top of the stage is a red, white and blue strip with white stars.
4 Stars

A triumphant reframing of Sondheim's musical. Polly Findlay's ultra-stylish production, magnificently staged. A super-size feast of a spectacle

The i newspaper

5 Stars

Director Polly Findlay has done an exceptional job

The Latest

5 Stars

Utterly compelling

Plays to See

5 Stars

A beautifully engineered weapon, which in the hands of Polly Findlay and her company of marksmen delivers a rifle-shot straight to the heart of American culture and politics. Head to Chichester – for outstanding musical theatre, Assassins is unmissable.

Jonathan Baz

The stage is set like the Oval Office of the White House. To the left is a larg TV screen with 'FXX News' on it. Sitting on a chair rehind the desk in the centre of the stage is a man in a dark suit with an American flag tie. To the right of the desk is a man standing on a chair (Harry Hepple as Charles Guiteau) with his arms outstretched holding a bottle of beer in one hand and his bowler hat in the other. To the left of the stage is a man standing dressed in a Santa Claus outfit (Nick Holder as Samuel Byck), looking out front. Seated on chairs around the office are Luke Brady (as Giuseppe Zangara), Amy Booth-Steel (as Sara Jane Moore) and Sam Oladeinde (as Leon F. Czolgosz). Jack Shalloo (as Hinckley) sits slumped against the desk on the floor. Carly Mercedes Dyer (playing Fromme) sits on the front of the stage in a red coat over her green dress, looking back up at Harry Hepple standing on the chair.
4 Stars

Lizzie Clachan’s design (is) a true work of genius. This killer show is a hit!

All that Dazzles

Gloriously performed


This is a delight. Go see.

The American

A real wow of a show. Stylish, classy and bitingly funny.

British Theatre Guide

Excellent, funny, disturbing five-star stuff

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