Our Generation Schools Theatre Day

We recently welcomed pupils from local schools to the Minerva Theatre for the Our Generation Schools Theatre Day, which offers a spoiler-free practical workshop, inspired by the production, before seeing a matinee performance. Working with our Education team, pupils had the opportunity to get on stage, act out script extracts, rave under the stage lights and try their hand (or ears we should say) at recorded delivery verbatim. It’s quite possibly the first time in CFT history we have had a monologue from the hit TV show Love Island performed on our stage!

Participants began the session with an in-depth exploration of the verbatim technique used for Our Generation and were given an overview of the five-year interview process from which the production was created. They then put on their detective hats to analyse short script extracts; some willing pupils and teachers tried out a movement sequence from the show, before recreating famous TV moments from The Kardashians and The X-Factor and even impersonating Meryl Streep - all from listening to the original audio on a set of headphones!

Pupils were then joined by members of the Our Generation company for an insightful talk and Q&A about the rehearsal process, technical elements and careers in the arts, before seeing the show. The Theatre Day received great feedback from pupils and teachers alike - even the teacher pulled into the onstage rave (sorry Miss!). 

The workshop's been amazing - it's been a real opportunity for our students to get involved, have a look at the set, to see how it all works and understand their process. It's been a really great day!


I enjoyed most when I got to try verbatim myself onstage, it was very fun and I got a lot out of it!


I learnt how to express myself and seeing the actors in front of us and learning from them was really useful.


You can watch a video round up of the day and find out more about our Education work here

We are really looking forward to our next Schools Theatre Day for The Famous Five and we are pleased to announce we will be running a Home Education Theatre Day on November 1 at 1.30pm (after the 10.30am performance). For more information or to book please contact or call our Box Office on 01243 812909.