Five Day Plays released as audio plays with a professional cast

In the early days of lockdown in March, we initiated the ‘Five Day Play’ challenge: writers of all ages were invited to submit an original play written in just five days, the only rules being that it had to match a short brief (for example, ‘a play with two characters, one of whom has a secret to tell the other’) and could not exceed 10 pages. Over ten weeks, 300 entries were received from as far away as North America.

Now, a group of professional actors, all of whom have appeared at Chichester in recent years, have recorded four of the winning entries as audio plays, co-directed by Dale Rooks and Hannah Hogg from CFT’s Learning, Education and Participation team.

The result is a group of highly entertaining, funny and intriguing mini-plays, written by David Kinder, Louis Turner, Hannah Crouch and Alexander Wiseman, and performed by Lucy Briers, Adam Buchanan, Keir Charles, Dickon Gough, Grace Molony, Henry Pettigrew, Nicola Sloane and Ashley Zhangazha, and available to listen for free on our  Soundcloud channel via this link