Inspired by the hit musical Six, which came to CFT during our Winter season, the Youth Theatre team brought together an all-female CFYT company over February half term to create a piece titled Femme.

Youth Theatre members were invited to submit an application including an example of a woman who has inspired them; these came in a variety of formats from letters addressed to their inspiration, to paintings and songs. Over 60 young women applied to be part of the project and a group of 20 aged between 11 and 20 were selected to join the company, representing CFYT’s eight different satellite locations.

The initial focus was on historical female figures and their legacy, but as the devising process progressed the company realised they felt more passionately about sharing their own stories and focusing on what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

Directors Hannah Hogg (Youth and Outreach Officer) and Poppy Marples (Senior Youth and Outreach Officer) were impressed by the sheer range of material that the group produced. “There were three known songs used within the piece but aside from that everything was theirs,” explains Poppy. “It’s great for them to have that platform to create, and then to be able to share that with an audience, especially when it’s something that is so personal to them and that they’re so passionate about,” adds Hannah.

The result was a funny and poignant piece of theatre, sharing stories of female empowerment and friendship, with a final scene expressing their hopes for the future. Take a look at the gallery below to see the cast in action.

Directed by Hannah Hogg and Poppy Marples
Assistant Director Megan Bewley
Music and compositions by Georgina Liley
Sound and Lighting by Emily Williamson
Photos by Richard Gibbons