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A double bill of plays by debbie tucker green

Minerva Theatre


random / generations

Mesmerising writing and engrossing performances.

The Stage

An outstanding revival. A perfectly paired evening. Go see.

The Times

Petra Letang is utterly astonishing. A pitch-perfect evening of work.


Acute, finely judged revivals.

The Guardian


never trouble trouble til trouble trouble you

But trouble does arrive. And changes everything.

This blistering play, told through the eyes of a young woman, explores the unbearable sense of loss felt by a family faced with a catastrophic and random act.


forgotten nothing - forgotten everything

In the cradle of their South African family, Boyfriend and Girlfriend are beginning their lives together, just as Mama and Dad, and Grandad and Nana, did before them.

Until, one by one, family members start to disappear.

Fierce, warm and funny, these two short and haunting dramas examine love, life and loss through the lives of two families on two continents. random is an extraordinary play for one actress, whilst the generations company includes a South African choir.

A playwright, screenwriter and director, debbie tucker green is one of theatre’s most original and internationally acclaimed voices. She won the Olivier Award for Most Promising Newcomer in 2004 for born bad, and the 2012 BAFTA Award for Best Single Drama for the television version of random.

Both plays are directed by Tinuke Craig. Winner of the 2014 Genesis Future Director Award and Associate Director at the Gate Theatre 2015-2016, her credits include debbie tucker green’s dirty butterfly at the Young Vic.

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debbie tucker green’s writing lands its savagely pertinent and heart-breaking points with the delicacy of a poem and the sharpness of a cry to arms. Petra Letang is utterly astonishing. The quality and detail of this wonderful performance is matched by writing of subtlety and intensely moving restraint. It is simply magnificent and held together by tight and compassionate direction from Tinuke Craig. The same gentle control is also manifest in generations, a minimal piece which also has maximal effect about the baffling emptiness of loss. Beautifully played and set amidst stylised bright colours and stark lighting by Alex Lowde and Joshua Drualus Pharo, this is a pitch-perfect evening of work. Congratulations to Chichester for such prescient programming; now it needs to be seen widely, opening hearts and minds.

The mesmerising writing and engrossing performances feel like a powerful wake-up call.

The Stage

Director Tinuke Craig’s productions of these two short plays by debbie tucker green, both about families coping with premature deaths, shine in an outstanding revival. In generations, an elliptical 30-minute play leaves you with a sense of sorrow that cuts deeper than logic. Superb. In random, tucker writes with pithy poeticism, and Petra Letang rises to the challenge with tender virtuosity. It’s a sensational performance in a perfectly paired evening. Go see.

The Times

Acute, finely judged revivals.

The Guardian

Pairing these two plays is a masterstroke. They capture South Africa and south London’s sizzle and sting with devastating force.

Sunday TImes

random is beautifully written and mesmerisingly delivered by Petra Letang in an extraordinary solo performance. It’s difficult to believe we will see anything more compelling than this all season – or more poignant. This is theatre at its most riveting.

Chichester Observer

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1 hour and 50 minutes including the interval