Penelope Keith

'Mrs Pat'

By Anton Burge
Director Alan Strachan

Minerva Theatre
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Oh, for one more moment such as that! The bravery to resist such sentimentality. The fearlessness to present the explosive truth.

The remarkable and beautifully spoken Penelope Keith delivers a tour de force.

Stage Review

Glorious… a joy to watch.

Female Arts

Monumental one-woman performance.

Chichester Observer

Legendary nineteenth-century actress Mrs Patrick Campbell has seen it, and been it, all. From her ground-breaking Hedda Gabler on the London stage, to leads on Broadway and heroines in Hollywood, Mrs Pat has travelled the globe playing the most passionate and rebellious roles.

And it was not just on the stage she was witty, wilful and wild. Her off-stage life was equally dramatic. As flame, muse and equal to George Bernard Shaw, she inspired, and played, the very first Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion.

Financial hardship, artistic rejection, romantic loss and the agonising trials of aging, could not defeat this brave bohemian. But now, facing Europe's darkest hours, and with the Nazi Party closing in on Paris, Mrs Pat and her beloved dog, Moonbeam, stand before the unknown.

As she waits to escape to rural France, this remarkable artist is determined not to go out lightly, as she recalls, for one last time, the highs and lows of a defiant and daring life.

Anton Burge's play is a funny and moving tribute to the power of performance and the remarkable resilient spirit of actresses everywhere.

Penelope Keith returns to Chichester to play the celebrated Mrs Pat, following her most recent appearance in The Way of the World (2012). She is reunited with director Alan Strachan who also directed her in Entertaining Angels for Festival 2006. Anton Burge's other plays include Bette and Joan (2011) and A Storm in a Flower Vase (2013) both at the Arts Theatre, London.

Cast & Creatives


Cast List

Penelope Keith

Mrs Pat

Creative team

Cast List

Anton Burge


Alan Strachan


Simon Higlett


Jason Taylor

Lighting Designer

Gregory Clarke

Sound Designer

Simon Wainwright

Video Designer




Running Time
1 hour 45 minutes including the interval