Facing the Music: Sheila Hancock

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This event is an encore stream and will be shown at 7pm GMT on 24 March. The event will be streamed as live and cannot be paused or watched again once finished.

This event can be viewed in a web browser, via Google Chromecast, on Apple or Android TVs and on Amazon Fire TV. Find out how to connect here.

Another chance to see Dame Sheila Hancock’s fascinating interview with Edward Seckerson, looking back at her musical theatre career, illustrated by treasured recordings. 

Sheila's most recent Chichester appearance was in This Is My Family (2019); her many West End credits include Sister Act, Cabaret, Sweeney Todd and Annie. She was created a Dame in the 2021 New Year’s Honours List.


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I can't watch at this time, will it be available on demand afterwards?

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